Success Stories

Here is what our clients have to say about INTERAL:

“We particularly appreciate the software’s user-friendliness and all the tools available to easily navigate throughout the software. Within a few seconds, we find all of the information we are looking for.” – Danny Perron, maintenance coordinator for Acier Hason

“We are more than satisfied with the quality of the work for the transition and the technical support. In a word, we won’t hesitate to recommend INTERAL’s products and services.” – Hervé de Feydeau, technical services director for Groupe Alfid

“When we adopted a reliability-based maintenance approach in 2005, at that time we were to use two software applications, one of which was INTERAL. Today, we have been able to save thousands of dollars uniquely because of INTERAL’s evolution, which has enabled us to integrate all of the maintenance functions and applications, such as our conditional, preventive and corrective maintenance programs, and improvements, with a software application that’s very user-friendly which allows our employees to learn easily and stay efficient, and with applications that allow us to optimize our spare parts inventory by more than 30%.” – Michel Fortin, maintenance and reliability manager at the Allan Candy Company

“We have taken advantage of your ability to understand our needs and find efficient solutions for every problem… you have demonstrated your great knowledge of software, both from a user and developer perspective.” – France Cormier, real-estate system analyst for Industrielle Alliance

“The procurement module allows us to optimize our inventory and always have spare parts on hand. The software is simple and intuitive, but still complete…. Of all our experience with INTERAL, we have mostly appreciated the fact that our project has pulled through in the time span needed and within our budget.” – Marc Richard, maintenance supervisor for Universal Forest Products Canada

“The software is well built, easy to use and searching through it is easy thanks to the filters. The software has virtually no limits and can be adapted to each person with customized profiles.” – Aline Thériault, material resource coordinator for Berger Peat Moss

“Among the benefits obtained since implementing the software, there is, among other things, a significant improvement in managing repetitive equipment failures, and therefore an improvement in the production equipment’s reliability.” – Tobby Leclair, preventive maintenance manager for Groupe Savoie Inc.

“We have been using INTERAL’s software for 8 years in our plants to manage corrective and preventive maintenance, and maintenance part purchasing. INTERAL has always listened to our needs and has been open to making their software evolve, which has greatly helped us improve our processes.” – Michel Caron, business system analyst for Teknion Roy & Breton

“We are very satisfied of INTERAL’s products and services and we are in a position to confirm that the benefits have been quickly noticed, which isn’t always the case with this kind of management tool. INTERAL met its commitments and kept its word all along the buying and implementation process.” – Joey Boudreau, maintenance supervisor for Trancontinental Transmag

“You managed to develop an application of great quality that allowed us to optimize and manage efficiently all of our maintenance activities. Your technical support always found an answer to our questions in a more-than-reasonable delay, and your team of programmers and trainers always finds new ways to satisfy our needs.” – Nicolas Gélinas, project engineer and reliability leader for Transcontinental Interglobe

“INTERAL helped us tremendously to structure our preventive maintenance with their tools oriented by and for industrial users. All of the modern concepts of maintenance management and locking procedures are treated with precision and efficiency.” – Philippe Dubuc, general director for Fonderie Saguenay Ltd

“Leggettwood was looking for a solution that would allow us to manage our corrective and preventive maintenance, purchases, and spare parts. INTERAL turned out to be a reliable solution with an outstanding implementation service. From an architectural point of view, the software was developped according to .NET standards, which allows us more than ever to adapt it to our needs and exchange data with our other applications. The report designer, INTERAL Reports, is an optional tool that turned out to be very useful in our project to satisfy the different people involved. Thank you to INTERAL's team.” – Frédéric Fortin, CMA, MGP, IT Development, Leggettwood