Interal procurement

Supplier management

INTERAL Procurement allows you to completely manage all information associated to your suppliers.

Supplier databases with poor quality data are a well-known problem. Almost every supplier file contains duplicate, incomplete or inaccurate information. Besides that, a lot of companies use several databases rather than just one with supplier information. 

By consolidating all the supply chain information in one supplier file, Interal Procurement will help you manage all your suppliers in the same place. The supplier file contains all related supply chain and contact information in one elaborate and complete supplier file.

Main contact information,add multiple contacts within the company, preferend language, applicable taxes, automatic sending of bid requests and purchase orders, invoicing information, delivery info, accounting information (payment terms, transport etc), related equipment supplied by the supplier, supplier purchase history, purchasing statistics, add notes etc. You can even attach files (such as contracts, manuals etc)


CMMS Procurement manages supplier procurement information