Interal production

Parts and Material

Take greater control over parts and materials by managing parts & materials more efficiently and effectively within your departments and facilities. Our computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) is an essential tool in achieving these goals.

Material and inventory costs can account for approx 30-35 percent of a maintenance or production budget. While concentrating on other priorities such as preventive maintenance and urgent repairs, it is easy lose track of tools, spare parts and equipment and their related costs. 
For a facility with a 1,000.000 million dollar maintenance budget where 35 percent (350,000 dollar) is spent on parts and material, reducing the parts and material costs by 10 percent would result in a $35,000 per year cost savings, or 3.5 percent of the annual parts & material budget

By centralizing the information in a part file, INTERAL makes procurement and inventory management easier for spare parts and raw material.

The part file contains supplier information and their respective prices, manufacturers, equivalent parts, its procurement history, average price and much more helpful information.

INTERAL makes procurement and inventory management easier for spare parts and raw material

The parts can be subdivided into trees and the system allows to have a list as well.

A complete unit transforming system is able to manage parts in multiple ways. It is possible for example, to buy the parts by the kilogram and to store them as sheets (a mathematical equation converts the units) and to use them in sheet portions.

The application manages the inventory by factory, by store and by location. Furthermore, INTERAL supports a multidimensional inventory (for example storage by separating colors) parts tree.