Interal maintenance

Graphical Navigation

Graphical navigation plans

In addition to offering a "conventional" method to recover the equipment in list form, the Interal application offers a navigation tree for equipment (equipment park)or buildings. However, Interal doesn't stop there, it offers the opportunity to create graphical navigation plans to allow users to navigate using plans or photos of facilities.

CMMS with graphical navigation to track equipment 

Navigation starts with a whole plant level (or building). A configuration has previously been made to identify areas of interest that the user can point to get a new plan or a more accurate picture of the desired item.
Once the item found, you only need to click on the component of interest.
By clicking on the item in general, we get the equipment master record which now allows the current operations of the software.
By clicking on a particular component (eg motor) we get the information directly from the component, which can for instance be the content of the nameplate.